Why Using a WordPress Child Theme is a Cool Idea

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WordPress theme development is a hot and in-demand skill to have in this ever-savvy world of web design and development. WordPress blogging and CMS software is currently the most popular open-source blogging platform in the world with over 52,000,000 sites worldwide. Nearly 300 million people read a WordPress blog each month. Many people read WordPress designed themes every day and have no idea that is the platform because WordPress sites can be modified to fit any of today’s advanced web design standards. The momentum and popularity of this “blogging platform” has been tremendous.

Amazingly, with a few tweaks and code modifications, a WordPress site can look like any standard site on the internet, with the benefit of having built-in features and a world-wide community of support and development.

Though any developer interested should have an advanced familiarity with PHP and MySQL, the main design features can be modified by using a Child Theme that piggybacks off the Parent Theme. For example, WordPress 3.0 uses Twenty Eleven as a parent theme and you can modify the style and layout of the main parent theme with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The main PHP file to modify within WordPress is style.css. By doing this, you can update the parent theme and still preseve the modifications and style changes made.

Using a child theme in WordPress is simply cool and you really can’t go wrong with it. I use them all the time in my site designs! But don’t just take my word for it! Check it out yourself by following the websites and watching the youtube video.

Guest post contributed by Patrick Blair. Patrick is a blogger, writer, web designer, and WordPress expert from Anoka, MN. He has been designing websites for over 2 years and is a performing solo acoustic guitar player. Check him out at www.acousticfolk.us

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