Will men polka in polka dots?

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Polka dots are in. Even for men. Ditto for the super-stiletto, six-inch heels – mostly for women but no one said they’re not for men. Such are the vagaries of the fashion world where designers are now unveiling their ideas of what we should be wearing next spring. It’s all part of the seasonal ritual we call Fashion Week where Chambord is the official liqueur of the event. Who knew Fashion Week had an official liqueur? Either way, new this year is the reality that fashion isn’t selling as well as in the past and designers are eschewing their traditional wild originality for accessible, budget friendly pieces that we might buy.
For fashion designers the idea of clothes that ordinary people might buy used to be considered creative compromise. They would much rather focus on conversation pieces than pieces you would wear during a conversation. But now things have shifted as retailers and their customers demand more affordable looks. Gone are the days when haute couture needed to be high priced. One designer pointed out his use of cheaper fabrics such as cotton and twill, so we may all find something that fits our budget.
But this year it is Anna Wintour, the ice-water-veined editor of Vogue Magazine who is making news for trying to breathe life into the fashion retailing industry. Famously depicted in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” Wintour is pounding the pavements in her Pradas. She recently staged Fashion Night Out where stores around the world were open late just to create buzz. She wants everyone to stop moping and just do something. Forget the should-have-beens and could-have-beens. Forget the glory days. Quit complaining and do something. Though she could have spent time in her office contemplating the awful state of retail and writing about that, she decided to get out and try to make something happen. And if all men are suddenly decked out in polka dots, we’ll know why.

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