Will you act on Hunch?

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People who buy Macs also like to dance. Fake ID users are more likely to be happy at startups. People who think alien abductions are real, are likely to also blame Nancy Pelosi for the financial crisis. When there are dark clouds in the sky, it is more likely to rain. If you go to a mall you’re either there to walk or shop. If people laugh when you’re not telling a joke, you die a little inside.

Not all, but some of these are correlations found by researchers for the startup Hunch site, founded by Caterina Fake, who co-founded Flickr with her husband. (Unconfirmed rumors are, they’re no longer together.) According to Fake (what an original name), Hunch is slated to be the hottest new thing since Eve made the decision to eat the apple. Or was that Adam who made the decision after Eve tempted him? It’s so hard to be sure if you weren’t there.

Animal, mineral, vegetable or other, asks the little electronic game that “guesses” what you’re thinking in 20 questions or less. Hunch uses a similar format to help you make a decision. Should you buy the 8,000 square foot house or the 10,000 version? It depends – do you clean or do you hire cleaners? Do you collect grand pianos or souvenir key rings? Do you have 14 children? You get the idea. Pick a credit card, a digital camera, a college for your kid. Hunch makes your decisions for you.

Rumors are that they ask hundreds of questions about you because they have trouble figuring you out otherwise. Some speculate that Hunch could market your data to companies or they could stack the data for certain products and monetize by collecting from those companies. For now this is just something to watch as Hunch.com doesn’t have enough machine learning to count as a trend yet. We made the bold decision not to sign up to see how Hunch.com works. Oops – perhaps we should have checked with Hunch on that decision.

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