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By now it’s known that your Klout score is a measure of your clout in the social media sphere. Based on data from Klout’s daily 2.7 billion bits of content and connections, more than 100 million people have been assigned a Klout score between one and 100. A score of 30 means you’re influential, but a score above 50 means you’re an elite influencer. Your score is calculated according to how many people you influence, how much they act on your social media content, and how influential all the people in your social network are. Klout calculates this by scraping to through social network data such as Tweets and affiliations. They weed out spam and “dead” followers.

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Does your Klout score matter? It turns out that the Klout score is the latest thing being listed on resumes, for instance. Marketers are seeking out people with high Klout scores, rewarding them with free merchandise and perks. There are watch lists for Klout scores. Those with a lower than desired Klout score can improve on it by creating and sharing high-quality, desirable content. The more targeted and engaging, the better. It’s possible to be low on overall influence but high in one specific area. Join conversations rather than “shout” and move on. Be a strong and authentic voice. On talent shows artistes are often asked to be true to themselves. Same goes for social media. Facebook counts more than Twitter in the Klout score world. And if you keep at it, engaging with people of low and high Klout scores, you too can achieve an impressive score.  

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