Women like variability and amplitude

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We’re talking men’s dance moves here. One report of women’s preferences in dancing men concludes that the most attractive dance moves, as performed by men, are the ones that involve “variability and amplitude of the head, neck and trunk,” according to the Economist of all places. And if you’re gonna dance to attract women, you should be sure that your movements are big and dramatic, whether you’re nodding backward and forward or moving side to side. Additionally, you can forget the banging – head banging, that is. Women don’t really care for this. The attractive head, neck and trunk moves are thought to befit a fitter man, in terms of survival – and it’s all a matter of propagating the species.
It’s no surprise that humans are not unique in the mating dance rituals. Scorpions and sandhill cranes are among the multitude of creatures that also dance to attract mates. It isn’t clear what higher purpose is being served by research into attractive male dance move but it is interesting and could be useful in a strategic sort of way. During the scientific study, the experiment controlled for such things as attractiveness, which means that a good dancer need not have good looks to be attractive. The obvious conclusion should be that guys who have trouble attracting their dream women might consider taking dance lessons. Meanwhile, the male hippo, being of a proportion not very suitable to dancing, has his own method of attempting to attract females. He flings feces at her. We don’t recommend this.

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