Woof me if I misbehave

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Annoyed by those short unsubstantial messages? Craving a chance to get your point across? If you like being longwinded, getting lost in your words, if you like postings that really pack a punch, then Woofer is for you. Woofer is Twitter on steroids with a tenfold character minimum. In short, they’re bringing wordage back. At this time, it isn’t clear whether Woofer is aiming for the lower range volume of posts as opposed to Twitter’s focus on the higher volume. But barely a month after its launch, Woofer is being noticed.
Visit the Woofer page and the first impression is that it looks like a Twitter page. That’s intentional, as the brains behind Woofer claim that their site is a parody. They thought it would be funny and entertaining to set a high minimum character count to see how people would respond. They make it clear that they’re in no way associated with Twitter but it is said they are benefitting from the association, especially with cross Tweeting and Woofing going on. Regardless, it’s always interesting when social networking expands the possibilities.
There have been complaints that no one cares when you Tweet about the pepperoni pizza you just ate, and some rue the fact that the 140 characters encourage you to indulge in TMI. Now, it isn’t clear whether Woofer’s 1,400 character minimum has elevated the discussion possibilities. One recent Woof expounds on “The Lostness of Mankind. – He finds a gnawing in his soul, which he can’t seem to satisfy regardless of how much sex, drugs, violence, or entertainment he pours into his life. And so he wanders aimlessly through life trying to find happiness in the pursuit of physical and material gain, all the while not knowing how to deal with the guilt of his life.” And then there’s one about an eczema plan. To Tweet or to Woof? We’re guessing something in the middle – Subwoof?

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