Xobni: Blackberry app with analytics

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So Heaven spelled backwards is Nevaeh. Dad or Mom spelled backwards – they’re just dad and mom. And Drivesafely spelled backwards – well not everything is designed for backward pronunciation. But Inbox spelled backwards is Xobni, the name of a hot new Blackberry App that wants to automate your technological life in a big way. Without your intervention, Xobni is that helper elf you’ve always wanted to manage your e-mail contact list effortlessly. For now it works only with Blackberry Curve, Storm, Bold and other higher end models, but there’s always tomorrow.
Critics can find plenty of ammunition. It doesn’t work with Macs. Doesn’t integrate with texts. Cumbersome to use. Requires a service plan. Sometimes eats all the Cheerios and doesn’t replace the box. But for those on the go, Xobni’s ability to not only recall all your e-mails, but also sort them in various ways, including most e-mailed, by versions of attachments, by people named Jane, by Yahoo mail. What’s not to like about that? And just for the record, it tracks which Jane you e-mail the most.
Xobni also has analytics. It creates fun statistics from your e-mailing habits. Who’s your best e-mail buddy? What time of day is your boss most likely to respond? Do you send more e-mails to your boss or your spouse? And if your boss is your spouse, how often do you e-mail her to pick up bread and milk on the way home? Then there’s the investigative function. Xobni analyses your contacts including CC’s and BCC’s to discover “hidden” relationships – or at the very least who’s e-mailing whom. The “Schedule time with function let’s you schedule meetings with a single click – but leaping tall buildings is discouraged.

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