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What’s in a name? For creators of new products, a name is everything. Much hard work and research is involved on the road to naming the next big thing. But the fine folks at Motorola seem to have been unconcerned with such trivial matters while creating the latest, buzz-generating, CES 2011 best tablet – Xoom. The name, Xoom has been around the block. It started out as a dot-com back in 1996, offering free clipart among other things. Over time it morphed into a web hosting site and now it’s a global money transfer site, competing with Western Union. Nevertheless, at Motorola they expect that the name, Xoom will have no other connotation, except as the tablet computer that kicked that other famous tablet computer – to the curb. And so far it’s receiving rave reviews even as rave reviewers have yet to experiment fully with the Xoom.
In a features only comparison, some believe the Xoom wins. Unlike other competing tablets of late, with seven inch screens, the Xoom has a whopping 10.1 inch widescreen, even slightly bigger than the iPad – by a hair’s breadth. In addition to its dual-core power, Xoom also operates on Google’s, for-tablets-only Android Honeycomb OS which is expected to be that much better than Apple’s – when the Honeycomb OS actually becomes available for comparison. It’s not ready for Primetime just yet. And in case no one’s paying attention, unlike the more famous tablet, Xoom is Adobe Flash compatible, and it has a camera with LED flash. And we could go on about how Xoom surpasses the iPad, except this isn’t truly how the average person operates. People develop emotional attachments to certain brands and change doesn’t come easily. In any case, we’ll soon see who’s Xooming who?

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