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If you read that headline thinking that we mean printing images of food, you’re sadly mistaken. We mean, printing actual food. Print a piece of cheese, a tortilla, or a sandwich with your initials on it. And no, that’s not the beginning of another bad joke. The world of 3D printing has once again shifted the thinking on printed things. And none other than the French Culinary Institute is ready to dive into the ink on this. And by ink, we don’t mean just any colored liquid. The ink in this case could be molten chocolate, cheese and cookie dough. And if that brings to mind the collection of extruded foods you’ve come to know and love, well, there’s more. Meat. If it isn’t necessarily in liquid form, it can be mixed with water or perhaps a more flavorful liquid to form an ink that’s used in the food printing process.
The 3D printing of foods isn’t just novelty. Analysts, chefs and probably health food enthusiasts are thinking of an array of uses we never previously considered. What if you could design something that looked like a hamburger, fries and shake? Except, it would be all vegan. Yum. Such technology could be used to create more appetizing forms of vegetables so that Popeye would no longer be the only one eating his spinach. And if you happen to love spinach already, just imagine how much more you would love it, if it were made to look like molten chocolate cake. We can’t vouch for every possible claim here but at the vaunted Cornell Creative Machines Lab, they are already at work, using edible inks, electronic blueprints and a lot of imagination. Beef. It’s what’s being printed for dinner.

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