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Only the most dedicated information junkies have probably kept track of the fact that Hotmail has been around since 1996. This means that if Hotmail were a child, it would be eligible for a driver’s license right now. And perhaps, your Hotmail account may just be driving right out of your life as Microsoft introduces a “new, modern email service,” at Microsoft says it’s reimagining email, taking a bold step, breaking from the past and building that brand new email service from the ground up. And if you hurry on over to, you just might be able to get that username you coveted that was already taken when you signed up for your Gmail account.

Microsoft really, really wants Gmail users to jump over to They even provide instructions on how to make that change. If you’re already using Hotmail, it’s even easier to convert. Just click on “Upgrade” in the Hotmail options menu and all your contacts, old emails and preferences will be transferred to the new account. But that’s only if you continue using your existing username. While you can continue to use both Gmail and alongside each other, Microsoft believes you’ll eventually ditch all those other email services for

Microsoft created with mobile technology in mind. Their statistics show that 20 percent of the time spent on smartphones is actually spent dealing with emails. Consequently,’s cloud first approach makes it easy to handle email from any device, anywhere. Additionally, claims to be the first email service that’s connected to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and since Microsoft acquired Skype, that will also soon be available. “Personal email comes alive with photos of your friends, recent status updates, and Tweets.” There’s also the ability to video chat. Meanwhile, Office Web Apps means you can work on photos and documents right from you inbox. And well, here’s more:

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