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When Doritos resurrected a couple of long “dead” chip flavors, its advertising agency created a campaign that included, a Twitter page, a Facebook account, a documentary for the product’s website, and games. In Microsoft’s RealPC campaign that showed PC fans doing their PC thing, their agency collected video footage of PC happenings with celebrities from around the globe. They also filmed PC fans at malls, and they used footage sent in by fans. A look at the world of marketing shows that, on behalf of their clients, today’s advertising agencies are involved in creating a broad spectrum of marketing materials including, “web films, console games, video- and game-driven microsites, merchandise and e-commerce sites, Facebook applications, iPhone applications, comic books, music festivals, art installations, interactive billboards, stores, QR-code-based posters and print ads, augmented reality experiences, impromptu dancing in public spaces.”
Whether it’s for a movie, an energy drink, a monster truck or a computer chip, marketing agencies in the digital age are stepping up their game with technological, artistic and strategic competence far beyond traditional agencies of past decades. From programmers who develop apps and games, to old-school visual artists, and film makers, the creative staff of today has diverse skills. In a continuously evolving media arena, agency creative teams are required to adapt and adopt earlier than in past decades and they’re out their showing that it can be done. It could be said that instead of creating material for the media, the agency is now creating the media and the material.

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