Your cocktail party on science

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A Friday afternoon in summer and work is a distant memory. Time to gather around with a round of drinks and friends and food too. And no one is saying the regular cocktail scene is boring or anything. But sometimes you just want to pump it up a notch. Too bad vodka doesn’t freeze because one imagines limitless fun with martinis there. But in the age of geeks, physicists can be fun people to have around. They’re the ones likely to come bearing tanks of liquid nitrogen which adds punch to the uh, punch.
A not so new trend called “molecular gastronomy” is leading to outrageous cocktails enhanced with liquid nitrogen which has a temperature of 360 degrees below zero, which gives a whole new meaning to the words, “frozen margarita.” A Miami bar serves up nitro-tinis with frozen vodka, a frozen vermouth swizzle stick and olive with frostbitten blue cheese pearls. Rumors are that the alcohol is as cold as the surface of Pluto, which has been demoted from its planetary status perhaps because no could envision have a drink there.
More than just a drink, a nitro-tini is a spectacle. The fog emitting concoction generates excitement and cell phone action, demanding attention for its unusual approach. The resulting cocktail is said to be more like a sorbet except with alcohol that intensifies as it thaws. No word on the resulting brain-freeze from sipping on such a cold drink. Regardless. We totally get that this may not be your thing. For the rest, it’s at the very least an interesting idea sure to create buzz at your next party.

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