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If you live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa or Illinois, you live in a Blue state while those in the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming are in Red states. But smart phones and politics don’t really go together because it turns out that people in the northern states prefer iPhones while in the South they love their Android. In Bill Gates land, one might think Washingtonians would be highly into the Windows phone. Not. They are not even like other Northerners because they prefer Android. Then again Louisiana, a southern state is part of iPhone country. Meanwhile Blackberry is big in New York, Virginia and Nevada. And we know this because someone looked at the data on 83 million smartphone users in all states.
And such data may or may not be useful but studies about our lives on smartphones continue to go where none has gone before. One study shows that people are more likely to give up coffee, chocolate and sex rather than part with their smart phones. More than 80 percent of iPhone users would date like device-minded people. Those who Tweet a lot tend not to connect well with their um, “Tweeties,” because their relationships are shorter. What about your life with your smartphone? Let us know.

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