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Blackberry mailbox?

Blackberry mailbox?

How many times have you needed directions, a document, the soccer team’s roster or a Power Point presentation only to discover it’s in your e-mail? And it isn’t easy to search either. You or someone else click through endless messages with the paper clip icon until you arrive at it. And that’s assuming you can pinpoint the sender in a jiffy. What if it could all be laid out for you whenever you open your e-mail program? It was this dilemma that led a couple of software geeks to create Postbox in 2007.

Norwegian postbox

Norwegian postbox

Postbox is software that claims to make it easier to organize your e-mails. Pictures of the new baby. The fifty e-mails for that key, client presentation. Specs for the new product launch. Organize and shine with Postbox. Now with their newest updates, Postbox is getting props for its advanced search capabilities that allow you a greater variety of search options such as, by keyword. It also allows you to browse web pages without leaving your e-mail program. An e-mail from a Facebook or Twitter friend will display their profile – which could be annoying if you don’t want to see this each time.
The big drawback of Postbox is that it is not free and it doesn’t come with your computer. It costs about $40 plus more if you get add-ons. If you have a thousand e-mails and you would like to organize them in order to deal with one topic at a time, Postbox will probably make your life easier. But for those who like the randomness of regular e-mail and enjoy being easily distracted by department store coupons or the newest Flixster movie news, all this organization could be annoying. Plus you would have no excuse for not finding stuff.

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