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While Dr Drew is known for helping celebrities cope with their complex lives, Dr Dre is known for helping people achieve the complicated lives of celebrities. Dr Dre, “rapper, record executive and occasional actor” is known for many things, but mostly for being a perfectionist in the world of music. He wants every artist to give a flawless performance and if it means recording a single bar of vocals 107 times, then that’s what happens. For him, it seems, inspiration is but a fraction of the final product because it is execution that truly matters. Execution is difficult to begin with but executing anything flawlessly is very demanding and next to impossible. And after such flawless performing, it might pain Dr Dre to know that music listeners experience less than the flawless product due to inept electronic output.
Latest news from the world of technology says that none other than HTC is partnering with Dr Dre’s company, Beats Electronics so that cell phones will have the ability to produce high quality audio. Soon your smartphone will also be your incredible sound machine, with unprecedented quality. When that happens, we’ll all be able to pump up the volume on our smartphones. Yes, it’s true that listening to music on smartphone speakers isn’t very common – but it could be. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is looking into the idea of an airbag for smartphones – all the better to “drop it like it’s hot” in more ways than one.

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