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I am serious; and stop calling me Zetta …

If you aren’t familiar with the term Zettabyte, you are not alone. A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes. So who cares? We do and you should too. Here’s why.  According to a forecast by Cisco, by 2013 annual global internet traffic will be two thirds of a zettabyte.  They project that 90% of consumer internet traffic will come from online video.  Online video today accounts for only 30% of internet and the growth is projected at over a 130% percent annual compound growth rate.

So this brings up several questions:

  • How will this affect you and your business, art, and world in general?
  • What are you doing to prepare for this trend?

Will the television industry learn from the music industry and the newspaper industry?  Perhaps they are taking the right steps early with Sling and Hulu.  With the anticipated explosion in online video, how will we all sift through the content to find interesting and relevant content?  If you are able, you should create a search engine that employs folksonomy (at least for entertainment video.)

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In other words, you are going to need to keep up and continue blazing a trail in this new media online digital world.  You will need to stand out and get noticed.  You must maximize your online presence, if your role is to DRIVE business.  Companies, such as AppNRG exist for that very purpose, to maximize your online presence.  The effort has evolved far beyond simple SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (paid search advertising.)

We’ve come along way since the TRS-80.  Who could’ve imagined?

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  1. Great article…more info on video’s importance in generating traffic: http://tinyurl.com/puom9z