Zio: An app for visual expression

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Zio: An app for visual expression

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Award show season is not only for the stuff on television and the movies. It’s also for the tech savvy set. This is the second year of the Best App Ever awards and they were announced at, where else, but the Macworld Expo 2010 in San Francisco. Who would have imagined such a thing, say five years ago? The awards are not necessarily for the most popular apps but for creative forays into app development. One app that didn’t win but received an honorable mention is, Zio by Glenn Marshall, a “digital artist,” programmer and designer who has created a new generation of abstract computer animation.
It is said that Zio is an “interactive generative art visualizer,” that allows users to customize and design their own visualizations and digital artworks. It was nominated in the category of Best Artistic Expression App. “Zio is a fusion of science, technology, art, nature, mathematics and philosophy. Use it for the experience you want.” That is but one description of this app that is also said to be a “Zen garden in your pocket,” as well as, “a performance instrument for organic visuals.” Who knew?
Instead of the commercially available animation programs, Glenn Marshall used a program called Processing, an open source language for images and animation. This tool developed by a couple programming geeks is popular for teaching computer programming to those who consider themselves to be less technical and more artistic. But Marshall is creating wide ranging visuals including music videos. He used Processing (quite a name) in collaboration with Peter Gabriel to create the music video, “The Nest That Sailed The Sky.”

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