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Today’s buzz is all about Zite the latest digital news-just-you-can-use magazine for the iPad. If you are what you read, Zite figures you out pretty quickly. Link to your Twitter or Google Reader account and Zite sends you all the news that you feel is fit to be read. Somewhere on the campus at the University of British Columbia, there is Computational Intelligence Lab where researchers brainstormed the idea of the smart magazine that changes itself to fit your reading habits. It figures out if your interest in any given article is deep or shallow and adjusts accordingly, which is a pretty interesting feature. You can’t add your own obscure interest areas but Zite has a list of topics from which you can choose. The general impression is that busy people suffering from information overload will reap the most benefit from Zite because it brings them the news effortlessly.
On the other hand, some may argue that Zite is like anything else, you have to read the articles. So it really doesn’t shorten your time dedicated to reading up on your topics of interest. It just simplifies the process of gathering them. Additionally, there is only so much content being produced each day and most of it is covered in the same three to five big media sources, all of which have more than enough content to keep you busy. Follow the media outlets of your interest on Twitter and chances are you’ll be well informed. Plus you never know when something interesting will randomly come along. But Zite is a new and fun digital thing for iPad users and that’s always good. Now it would be nice if the Computational Intelligence people went back to work on that mind reading app.

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