Zooming with ZOMM

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Zooming with ZOMM

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Just when you were thinking of the heavy burden of keeping track of your plethora of digital and non-digital devices, along comes ZOMM, the technological equivalent of a leash, tethering you to your phone. ZOMM is the $80 peace-of-mind gadget on a keychain, compatible with any Bluetooth enables phone. Once you roam beyond the required distance from your phone, it vibrates, lights-up or beeps. One day there may even be features that allow it to dance on your table but for now you’ve got to stick with those inside-the-box responses.
For anyone who thinks ZOMM sounds an awful lot like Mom, you’re right. Sort of. The idea for ZOMM entered the world after Laurie Penix received a call from a friend asking to borrow a cell phone due to hers being lost. With billions of cell phone subscriptions in the world, Laurie quickly did the math and was soon assembling a team to invent a tracking device that would involve Bluetooth. After all, when someone loses a phone, it’s not just about the physical object but also the digital life contained within it. The name ZOMM is an abbreviation of “Zachry, Olivia, Madison’s Mom.”
According to the designers, “ZOMM is smaller than a normal electronic car key and easily attaches to a key ring. It fits comfortably in your pocket or purse and can even attach to a piece of clothing or workout gear. Similar in diameter to a poker chip, ZOMM features a single button for ease of use, LED lights for visual notifications, a microphone for two-way communications and a speaker for audible alerts including full speakerphone functionality.” Even more, ZOMM can act as a panic button when you’re in distress, regardless of which room you happen to be in. Nice to know that when technology complicates your life, you can turn to even more technology to simplify it.

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