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An African proverb says that “If you can talk you can sing,” which isn’t true for everyone who can talk, but maybe it’s true inAfrica. In any case, if you can talk, are creative and lack the knowledge of music production tools, Zya is here for you. Well, it isn’t quite here because it will be released in 2012, but a first look at it is now on HP computers. So what is Zya? It is a cloud-based music making piece of software where users can create all sorts of fun, musical stuff without the usual music tools. Sing lyrics, use your voice as an instrument, use pre-made music hooks or mix beats, it’s all within the realm of possibilities here. It’s American Idol (or X Factor) meets Billboard, meets Facebook, meets Guitar Hero and, well, it meets a lot of things – it’s a very social piece of software.


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The Zya software was created by the folks at Music Mastermind, which was founded by Matt Serletic who is a big music insider, once being the youngest head of Virgin Records. Matt says that his goal with Music Mastermind is that someone who has a musical idea can be able to follow it through and share it with the world – through Zya and other software from Music Mastermind. The hooks and other music fragments used by the Zya software are already licensed so that users can rearrange them into new songs. Change the key, change the tempo, alter the song in any way, shape or form and it’s all perfectly legal. Music makers can publish their creations on the Zya website where it may or may not make the virtual music charts. Possibilities are endless

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